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Cape Coral Waterfront Properties

Are you looking for Cape Coral waterfront properties? Then you’re in luck. Not only is nearly every home here on or near water, but we’re also expert real estate agents in the area, so we can show anything relevant to your interests. I’m REALTOR® Mark Metten with FAR Florida, and any home on the water this side of the Gulf is waiting to be yours, so call me today to begin!

These homes often come with private boat docks, boat lifts, or boathouses and ramps. They may also have access to shared community docks and ramps. Boat owners can save money on marina storage fees here too. It’s convenient to be able to access your boat any time you’d like without having to drive to a marina.

Owning one of the Cape Coral waterfront properties can be a reality if you work with us, giving you these little pleasures. Homes list from $112.5K to $4.5M, so there’s immense diversity of options for a wide variety of homeowners. There are also a few options for condos near the water that have a wide array of possibilities to be had here.

You’ll love the joys of waterfront living. The freedom to walk out your front door and enjoy the weather and scenery is just the beginning of the perks you’ll enjoy. We’re confident we’ll find you the perfect home. So, we’re committed to providing you with a great real estate experience through unrivaled, family-like customer experience with our wide range of full-service help.

For Cape Coral waterfront properties, we’re your trusted source to provide the fundamental services you’ll need. So, weather you’re a first-time buyer looking for a vacation residence, let us be your guide to navigate the market in this exciting waterfront location. Give us a call today.

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